Introduction to Natural color palettes
Anna Grenn

Thanks a lot to Anna for this useful article as a note to pick a great from everyday nature. As I think, we shouldn’t exploit nature but teaching from it.
As we know many of inventions was picked from nature (Velcro from burdock burrs, NASA Riblets from sharkskin, Harvesting Desert Fog from Namibian Beetle, Aquaporin seawater desalination from membrane protein of cell walls, aerodynamically superb Fish Car by Mercedes-Benz from the tropical boxfish, LED Lightbulbs structure which increased its brightness by 55 percent from Firefly genus Photuris).
I intend re-design my website Alpha Web devoted to creating landing pages, websites, online-shops.
We need to teach more from nature. A great step will be building our civilization like as bees, productive in peace.