Racism: Trending Topic of 2017
Joel Leon.

I’ve never been to the US, but I know yours is a very racist country. My wife adores criminal series like CSI, Mentalist, Criminal Minds etc. So, I’ve noticed that 99% of the criminals in those movies are middle-aged white males. Well, that’s racism.

But what’s far worse than racism is double standards. In Israel we read your papers and watch your channels, and we just stand in awe, when you praise terrorists who kill us, but condemn all other terrorists all over the globe. So, I do not even know if I should believe a story you describe, given American racism toward white people and trends to bend the truth (sometimes completely) in the media.

The American official narrative is bigoted and stupid, and now I wonder why you wonder that you’ve received a backlash. If you are against racism, be consistent: be against all forms of racism. If you advocate equal rights, do advocate equal responsibilities as well. Trump is a great guy, he calls black black and white white, no offense, just grow up and learn about cause and effect issue.

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