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I’ve been watching, testing, using and verifying open-source projects related to Blazor over the last three years and I compiled a list in this post of the ones I recommend you to take a look regarding UI components and other functionalities.

Note: The order of this list does not represent my opinion about which one is the best comparison to the others. It is just a random order. And of course there are many other nice frameworks. If you know some extra that you are using, please let me know and I can create a new post with updates.

1. Radzen

Radzen is a group of more than 60 Blazor components that facilitates the development of Dashboards, Intranet, and applications with similar purposes. …


Alexandre Malavasi

Microsoft MVP | MCP | MCTS | MCPD | ITIL | .NET | MBA | MTAC | Technical Leader | Consultant | .NET Developer

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