For a Better Life

Nothing like living your own experiment. A few years ago in my master’s thesis I had written about the learning dimensions, which now could translate into dimensions of our life boundaries. There are 5 dimensions and one of them deals with the personal dimension, which we must seek health and alignment derived from this dimension being: spiritual dimension, emotional, physical, intellectual or cognitive and social. The impact of this dimension affects all others, by stronger than the others appear to be, it is to take care with some “selfish”, understand well is the word, take care of yourself to take care of each other, or even its correlation justified in my thesis, with the theory of Nash games, the best result is to win everyone everything. So if you are not able to do for you will not be able to do anything by anyone. In trading we call BATNA, psychology of something as personal boundaries. Whatever it is, especially at this stage of life where merge internal and external factors the best thing to do is to focus itself on the conjunction of your personal dimension and you will get the best out of life.

*sorry my english mistakes