The Best Nextjs Boilerplates to Launch your SaaS in Days in 2024

Alexandre Grisey
5 min readApr 21, 2024


Logo ofthe Vercel tool, Next.js

Launching a SaaS usually takes weeks. Even though it’s quite easy to find ready-to-use UI components and integrations (like authentification), it’s still a pain to find a proper full tech stack template.

A lot of people have been through this; this is why they created their own boilerplates. And some of them are selling them; to make you save time, and, in the end, money.

In this article, I’m going to list five of the best Nextjs boilerplates, to help you launch your SaaS/product in just a few days.

These boilerplates are listed on the site Indie Dev Tools, on which you’ll find more information about them, and a lot more tools for independent developers and indie hackers (not only boilerplates!).

Why Use a Boilerplate with Nextjs?

Like I said, a boilerplate exists to make you save time.

Let’s take the example of Nextjs. Next.js is a React web development framework created by Vercel, that allows you to generate web application using server-side rendering.

Next being a web dev framework, you can basically use it with any web tool/library you want, for a lot of stuff: database, UI library, payment system, etc. Chosing and setting up all of them is a pain, and takes a lof of time.

Therefore, using a boilerplate (by definition: computer language text that you can reuse with little or no alteration in several different contexts) with Nextjs, gives you an already existing tech stack, with ready to use components.

This is why, it is sometimes useful to spend some money to have your tech stack ready with little efforts.

Deciding which Next boilerplate to use is not that easy, though. It depends on the technology you want to use, and what the boilerplate comes with (and, also, the price!).

This is why I’m going to present the five selected tools by talking about these specific points.

The Best Nextjs Boilerplates

Now, let’s list the five best Nextjs boilerplates available on the market.

1 — ShipFast, best React Boilerplate with Tailwind

Screenshot of the landing page of ShipFast Nextjs boilerplate

ShipFast might be one of the most famous and used Nextjs template on the internet.

with more than 4100 sales, it comes with several widely used technologies: MongoDB and Supabase for the server(less), Tailwind as the CSS framework, NextAuth for the authentication (including Google login and magic links), Mailgun, and Stripe for the payment system.

It includes a lot of ready-to-use components, and seems to be quite often updated.

About the pricing, the boilerplate starts at $169.

2 — Shipixen, Easy to Customize Next js Boilerplate

Screenshot of the landing page of Shipixen Nextjs boilerplate

My second choice is Shipixen. This React/Nextjs boilerplate — that had been Product of the Day on Product Hunt — comes with a lot of different themed and SEO-optimized pages, very easy to customize. The website actually mentions more than 79 components and templates, quite impressive!

This boilerplate, like ShipFast, comes with widely used technologies: Tailwind, TypeScript, Vercel and more.

Shipixen costs $97 for a 3-month license, or $249 for a 1-year licence.

3 — Shipped, the Next.js Startup Boilerplate for busy founders

Screenshot of the landing page of Shipped Nextjs boilerplate

Or, at least that’s Shipped’s promise!

This React/Next boilerplate comes as well with ready-to-use components, and even landing pages (with waitlists, pre-sales and affiliate programs included).

For the payments, is uses Stripe’s biggest competitor, Lemon Squeezy. The backend is made with Supabase, and the design with three different libraries/kits: ChakraUI, Tailwind and shadcn/ui.

Shipped has two different prices: $157, for the “startup boilerplate”, and $207, for the “Startup + Chrome Extension Boilerplate” boilerplate.

4 — ShipAIFast and its AI-Ready Apps

Landing page of the boilerplate ShipAIFast

ShipAIFast is a bit different than the others boilerplates listed here. It still uses Nextjs, but it’s focused on AI products.

This Next boilerplate will facilitate your development if you want to create an AI SaaS. It event comes with 8 prebuilt AI-ready apps. Here are a few ones: Image and audio generation, text to speech, PDF AI chat, or AI chat assistant.

ShipAIFast costs $199.

5 — Divjoy, for More Technical Flexibility

Landing page of the boilerplate Divjoy

You’re not 100% sure about using Nextjs for your product? Well, Divjoy might be the best solution for you.

This boilerplate gives you more choices on the tech stack. After selecting one type of app (SaaS or Landing Page), you’ll be able to select:

  • As a framework, Next or React
  • As a CSS library, Bootstrap, Bulma or Tailwind
  • For the authentication, Firebase or Supabase

So, if what you need is more technical flexibiliyt, take a look at Divjoy! The boilerplate costs $199.

Where to Find More Next js Boilerplates?

Not convinced by the boilerplates I presented you? Want to use different technologies, back-end tools and UI libraries? Well, there is probably a boilerplate for you.

What I recommend is use the Indie Dev Tools website, which as a dedicated category for boilerplates (not only for Nextjs!).

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