Top 5 reasons not to get the Covid-19 vaccine this fall

More than 160,000 people protesting against the new vaccination passport in France (July 24th)

Vaccinated or anti-vax, there is nothing in between right?

But what if we could find some individuals who won’t get the Covid-19 vaccine but still believe in science?

Well, there are millions of people who think like that. Let’s stop screaming for a minute and hear what many of them have to say.

1) The death rate is extremely low

I know, it’s very controversial to say, but it’s true nonetheless.

To be more precise, let’s look at the Infection Fatality Ratio (IFR) which is the number of individuals who die of the Covid-19 among all infected individuals (symptomatic and asymptomatic).

We know that it’s low and probably even lower than we think. Why?

  • How many people got Covid-19 but didn’t know it?
  • How many people got Covid-19, knew it but didn’t report it?
  • How many people had a false negative test (have covid but test negative)?
  • How many people died because of a lack of care (hospital beds, equipment…)?
  • How many people died because of comorbidities (such as cancer)?

That makes our amount of “all infected individuals (symptomatic and asymptomatic)” much higher and therefore our IFR much lower, even if we accounted for unreported Covid-19 deaths which are much harder to miss than covid infections.

And for the people most at risk, the IFR is not that of Ebola. While the risks of dying or being hospitalized are considerably higher (without a doubt), this is still not a death sentence.

2 ) You can still transmit the virus if you’re vaccinated

It’s not Fox News saying it (yes, I got accused of getting this information from Fox News).

It’s on the CDC website or on the Cleveland Clinic website or anywhere else as a matter of fact.

Yes, you’re less likely to transmit it if you’re vaccinated, but the risk is still there, right?

That’s why most vaccinated people still need to wear a mask, still need PCR tests to travel and will probably go on future lockdowns like everybody else: Because there’s still a risk…

3) You can still get sick if you’re vaccinated (I know…)

Again, this is on the CDC website and any other reliable source.

But this isn’t exactly true: You can still get sick, yes, but the chances to get severe forms, be hospitalized or die from it get significantly lower (we’ll see about that in the next section).

Alright, thank you. The vast majority of the world population and I didn’t need a vaccine for that and the small minority of people who do should get it if they wish.

4 ) Not all Covid-19 vaccines have the same effectiveness

Getting your Covid-19 vaccine almost feels like buying a new TV. There are so many options.

Unfortunately, not all of them are equal.

A new preprint study from nference and the Mayo Clinic commented on found that “the Pfizer vaccine was only 42% effective against infection in July, when the Delta variant was dominant.”

A senior Biden official (not Sean Hannity) told Axios “If that’s not a wakeup call, I don’t know what is…”

To which Pfizer “expect to be able to develop and produce a tailor-made vaccine against that variant in approximately 100 days after a decision to do so, subject to regulatory approval.”

Imagine what we might know in a few months from now when we get more data…

5) You don’t know how many shots you’re going to need

Is this a vaccine or a treatment? Ok, ok, there is the flu vaccine that does require a recurring annual shot.

However, Covid-19 vaccines have been around for 8 months at the time I write this article, are yet to be FDA approved and some people already need a 3rd shot.

It’s not something the majority of us have seen and experienced with vaccines before. Given the impact this could have on our lifestyles, we have the right to be skeptical and challenge it.

It should be noted that your anti-bodies from Covid-19 infection last at least 9 months according to a July 2021 study from Italy’s University of Padua and Imperial College London:


In every decision you make as an individual, you perform a risk benefit ratio assessment, consciously or unconsciously. This situation isn’t any different.

I think that a mandatory vaccination deserves to be challenged before being enforced.

24 years old french living in NYC. Working as Chief Technology Officer for Food Delivery company.