My first CSGames

Last weekend, I went to the CSGames. It is a computing competition that took place in Montreal at ETS this year. Only undergraduate students can participate in the event.

This year, Université Laval registered two teams of 10 chosen participants. Happy to be part of the delegation, I have gone there to improve my coding skills and meet like-minded people in the tech industry.

Coding day and night during the evening, I have pushed myself really hard to gather as much knowledge as possible. I also had the opportunity to communicate with people from other unis and from companies such as google.

The concept is that anyone entering a csgames competition will be put out of their comfort zone. Facing issues without all the tools normally available is very challenging. For me, it was difficult to code without having access to the internet. All I had was the command-line interface documentation. The challenges were about all aspects of computing. My favorite ones were Web and Relay.

The Web contest organised by Summit, a trendy web development company, was about bulding a youtube clone in 3 hours. Programming an amazing boilerplate for a web application weeks before the event, my team felt confident about it. Unfortunately, we weren’t ready enough because we didn’t practice file uploading.

The Relay challenge lasted three hours and we had to code for an hour on the three different projects. Neither communiations nor Internet was allowed during the Relay competition.

I even participated in a reverse engineering contest with a friend. It was difficult for me because I am not comfortable when it comes to security. We had to dissassemble a binary executable made with a custom Disassembler. It wasn’t even x86!

In the end, I learned many things by going to this event, and not only about programming, but also about emotional intelligence because I also had to work with humans. I will definitely register to this event again next year.