Prayer in E

Him, her, you and me

Nothing but projections of who we want to be

Drowned by the hardships of reality

Losing ourselves, losing our sanity

Poisoned by the idea of who we have to be

By the mistakes with which everyday

We silently agree

The toxicity of our city, it is killing me

Mirror images distorted, warped by society

Conundrums day and night

How we came to be

Relationships burning out, who are you to me?

Like deadwood in a river, we drift towards insanity

Our thoughts in anarchy

We need clarity

But we can’t afford compassion

It’s so out of fashion

They tell us to focus

We go on like locust

With our existence scarred by our hypocrisy

Empathy is dead, it’s like a rotten tree

A Burial at Sea

Everything is possible, but nothing is free

When will we agree

To settle our conflicts, to bend the knee

People are screaming but we can’t hear their plea

While we’re lost in our own misery

This is nothing but worthless word pornography

Not a reflection of me

Words won’t set me free

I write simply to comfort

Keep you company

Like it used to be

Before our lives turned chaotic

In a world so exotic

I still dream our childhood dreams

In epiphany

Can we still have our faith

In humanity?

Who are we?

You and me?

Just projections of who we could really be.

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