A Smoother International Relocation
Jan Chipchase

All good points. Thanks for sharing :>

In my experience (Paris > Amsterdam > Tokyo > London > Atlanta > Miami over the course of 17 years), the most important point is to look after your family. If they’re not happy in the new country, you will not be ! You might be a road warrior but what about your partner ? Your kids ?

During the long moves (it can take 2 months for your stuff to cross oceans), it’s been helpful to get my family back to home country while I organize the new home and live in a hotel or temporary accommodation. With kids, plan your moves so they join the beginning of the new country school year. In Europe and US, end of August is a safe bet. In Japan, school terms start in April…

Plan a holiday in your next country, this way you see it first in a relaxed, happy sort of way.

Raise multilingual kids ! (my 9 yr old is fluent in 3 languages) This will make it easier to pick-up schools country after country. And they’ll thank you later. Hopefully…

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