Be like Cristiano Ronaldo- Dribble your brain and score a lot of goals !!

text by Alexandre Lonewolf

“One day, a Japanese soldier approaches from a Buddhist master and told him: -” I have found that the true reality is only emptiness “
The master hearing this, slaps him in the face.A reaction of the Japanese soldier was very angry, so the master asks: “If everything is empty, where comes so much anger?”


The whole world knows the Portuguese football player, Cristiano Ronaldo-it `s not my intention to invoke all his trophies or human qualities that he have and worldwide known. The purpose of this analogy is simply to demonstrate how we can improve our lives and achieve ou goals , using some of his skills.

theunique features that make him the best:
- fast
- Explosive,
 — Acrobatic,
- Hard in combat
-cynical in the crucial moments of the match.

In our life, we have different experiences, some good other bad, resulting in pain or pleasure. Here is where our beliefs rise. So whenever something happens in our lives the brain asks: This will bring me pain or pleasure?
If generates pain, rises a limiting belief- These are the ones that will block you and steal your dreams.

According to Tony Robbins If we believe deeper in a belief, it can turn into a prophecy! — The problem of beliefs is to become in future limitations to “who we are” and “what we are capable”.
Most of us refuse to understand, it`s not the events that cause us pain, but our perception of them.
How explain that two men who fought together in the war, who were captured and subjected to merciless torture, were later released, followed such different paths? One became a drug addict, the other, a successful businessman?
The answer lies in the meaning that we assign to events — The way we interpret it, is that shapes the person we become. Are the beliefs that make the difference between a person become ahero or villain.


A belief is a sense of certainty about something (I’m not beautiful, I’m not competent, I am weak, etc). From the time that we accept this as real, we stop questioning it, which can cause devastating consequences in our lives.
Now then, if we can assume that they are “real” bad experiences, according to our perception, so why not recreate good experiences and we do the same?

- You can succeed if you`re imagine yourself at the “podium”, receiving an award;
- You can lose weight if you visualize yourself on a picture where your`re slimmer;

- You can the job of your dreams, if you visualize yourself signing the contract.

Now it`s the time to use Cristiano Ronaldo features:

-Strong (contrary to your oponent- The limiting beliefs)
- Fast (fast Be out of your zone of “danger” (comfort) and take action)
- Explosive (take the decision to change something in your life Explode inertia.)
 — Acrobatic (feint adversity and all those who say they are not able)
- Hard to fight (It persistence your ally, and gains hardness in achieving your goals)
-cynical in the crucial moments of the match. (Be cynical with your brain-he can not tell the difference of what is real and what is not!)

Dribble tour opponents and score many goals in your life :)
If you convenbce ypurself you’ll have success, you will be Succed!


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