Is Spider-Man Homecoming the best?

Now i will go through everything about the movie and give my opinion.

What makes the movie great?

  • Homecoming is just so fun. It’s the type of movie that i would rewatch it a 1000 times.The changes to the characters are great. C’mon we were all tired of seeing Harry Osborn and an elderly Aunt My. Ned is just perfect for this time, being the nerdy sidekick needed in every movie. Marisa Tomei is perfect as a younger version of May, everything is great. The larbs joke, her clothes and others. Flash goes front the stereotyped bully to a pain the ass . The real deal about Flash it is that he does not really bullies Peter, being most of the time a pain the ass, that is jeallous of Parker.

Best scene movie?

  • For me the best scene in the movie is when Peter goes to Liz house and who opens the door? Roll the drums!!!!! Vulture. The twist was unexpected in a great part and added a tension when everything seemed to be great. Kudos to both Tom Holland and Michael Keaton, whom both acted great in the whole movie, specially in the final sequence. You could just see Peter worried face.
  • There other great secenes such as when Spiderman interrogats Aaron Davis, the Washington monument sequence and the ferry boat sequence.

Perfomances ranked:

  • Michael Keaton: 5/5- Don’t need to talk much.
  • Tom Holland:5/5- He is the defining Spiderman. The scene when he is trapped by the Vulture and he needs to use all of his strength is all i got to say.
  • Zendaya: 5/5- She crushed in her role, everytime she appeared on the screen you felt it was real, just crushing hope. I just want more
  • Jacob Batalon; 4/5- Being a superneedy sidekick and loyal friend is not the hardest acting job, but Batalon really convinced us.
  • Marisa Tomei- Una buenisima italiana. Needless to say more.
  • Robert Downey Jr: 3,5/5- Why do we need Uncle Ben, we got Iron man. Tony Stark >>>>>>>> Uncle Ben
  • Donald Glover: 3/5- 2 minutes of combined screen time, but it is great. he is just fun. More Glover please


  • Knowing that Jennifer Connelly voices over Karen, Spider-Man A.I., it makes sense that Spider-Man room in the avengers building is next to vision, who’s interpretated by Paul Bettanny who is married to Connelly.
  • I just loved the new Spider-Man suit. It’s eletronic, with ann A.I. assistant and the moving eyes.
  • Spider-Man in high school. for 15 years i wanted this and i’ve been listened. This is half a high-school movie seeing peter struggles through high school , his loving interest and him thorugh teenage.
  • The suit that Stark offered in the end is so beautiful.


Spider-Man Homecoming is not the greatest comic-book adaptation, but is a fantastic movie. It is a fantastic and enjoyable experience with laughs, great acting and tremendous action scenes. It’s originality is my favorite part, seeing all of the classic characters in a different manner is awesone. Despite having two villains they don’t get over used and are all together in the same story. As Vulture says ‘The world is changing, it’s time we change too’ defines Spider-Man, it’s a movie for this time, a time that have changed since 2002.