• Station is building the operating system for SaaS and is #1 product of 2017 on Product Hunt 🚀
  • We are a team of 6 based in Paris, moving to San Francisco for 3 months for the YCombinator program 💪
  • Station is an atypical project from a product and technical perspective, you might love it if you like the challenge 🤠
  • We are looking for a JS software engineer and a product designer to join the team 😇

Read below to know more 👇

Has anyone ever offered you to build a better web browser? That’s what we do at Station.

To ensure quality and stability, it’s common to release some features in advance to a limited user base. That way, new features can be tested and potentially be fixed before being released to the whole user base. Those untested features are packed in what is typically referred to as “beta builds” that users can chose to install or not and for which the release cycle is shorter.

Early on, we decided to apply this strategy to our Electron-based application, Station.

With Nuts channels

We use Nuts for Station’s release-server, so, at first, we simply leveraged the “channel” feature included in Nuts.

With Nuts…

Alexandre Lachèze

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