Welcome to youPIX FWD!

It’s great to see where youpix has reached. And it has reached a great position. But it shows as a reflection of how Brazil has lost its connectivity that we once had on Orkut, Chat UOL and mIRC, where people from all over the country would meet, chat and exchange experiences. That was overwhelming! What we see of the internet is no longer a place for everyone to have their chance of speaking, but an internet full of stars that will lead and control the masses with their channels and pages, just like it was before. And I see you guys going in the same direction. The youpix con event, as I can see, will be just a meeting for these “creators” to chat around and “decide” the new trends. I admire the work you guys do, but in the meanwhile a lot of people is going offline, partying at public squares, making alternate events in the alleys and organizing workshops under the bridges because those places are the new internet, where everyone can meet and talk without any leader or trend dictating what’s cool or not. I think youpix should be the one changing that, bringing more power to the crowd’s voices and watching what this new multi-location internet can achieve and making the connection among all those brazilian boys and girls that want to create and share, it can be a new language (i.e. tiopês), or it can be a new game, or a blog full of contributors and participation (sdds teletube), or even a new social media where everyone will be the same again without a podcast, a YouTube channel, a Snapchat story or a Twitter verified account telling them what to do or say. #VemPraRuaYouPix