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This will be the case for more than 4 million self-employed workers (not counting the agricultural sector), which represents approximately 9.5% of the active population, because the 1500 € supposedly for entrepreneurs is under certain conditions.

Go see and read what taxes will ask in France:

According to the French government: “All companies that request will automatically have 1,500 euros”;

“If the company fulfills the conditions for granting aid paid under the first part, it will automatically receive tax-free aid covering its loss of turnover of up to 1,500 euros”.

And yes if the company “meets the conditions” ah ah ..

I am trilingual, English-French-Italian and graduate of the University of San Francisco California in USA, with a Master in Digital Marketing specialization social networks and SEO websites, with 5 years of experience as a community manager and independent webmaster. I was able to acquire solid knowledge of the various pillars that make up the web communication: creation and writing of web content, webmarketing, project management, webmaster with the creation of responsive websites, SEO and optimization of websites, but especially community management and press relations with pure players.

I advise traders, restaurants, hairdressers, because we speak the same language and of course, considering my professional background, I know very well their needs in term of “webmarketing communication” Passionate, I take pleasure to accompany these traders, restaurants, hairdressers, startups, Small businesses in setting up their communication strategy on the web. …


alexandre m the frenchy Formateur SEO Wix France

#alexandre m the frenchy”, a french community manager, and a Wix Website’s expert and trainer certified.

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