5 TED Talks on the future of education

Hand-picked TED Talks for the pleasure of your eyes and ears

In the future..

1. educational systems will nurture creativity instead of repressing it.

On the reinvention of education, the acknowledgement that every student has a talent and being in Shakespeare’s English class.

2. videos will be as common as textbooks in education.

On the origins of Khan Academy and the use of videos, in and out of classrooms, to provide a better education for all.

3. self-organized learning environments will flourish.

On the British origins of our current educational system and its obsoleteness, SOLEs (Self Organized Learning Environment), British grandmas and “hole in wall”s.

4. university classes will be followed by anyone around the world.

On successfully growing a Stanford AI class attendee number from 175 to 160,000 students using modern technology and fancy black&red shirts.

5. instructors will receive REAL feedback.

On reforming the American educational system and innovative techniques to get feedback.