No Idea

I’m about to write here for the first time only in english language and I have no idea what I could talk. Matter of fact I’m a brazilian person and like to read alot of english articles on, most of the articles is about freedom, sucess, mindset, self-motivation, how never to stop to learn and other things that improve our knowledge.

Let’s start to talk about how I end up here. I’m at my new job in this moment. Writing my first text only in english. The funny thing about be in Brazil and be in a high level of english is that you can read everday and only you are understanding what you are reading. My work-colleagues have basic level of english so it means they cannot know i’m hearing, what i’m writing, or what i’m reading. I don’t feel superior of course, because I work hard to understand this language and everyday I work hard to improve my english to became better and better. What can I do? Even if the United States like to be the conquerors of the world and carry a lot of pain, blood, with this cool language, I’m not going to stop to learn english. But I understand the USA want to be better and everykind of thing in life and they are true competitors. They are the pioneers of the captalism a long with spain and portugal and the british. But to continue, what I’d like to say is I like this language, to read, to hear, the sounds of the pronunciation. Everything in this language calls me to learn more about it. For now it’s just that.

I wanna write more things here either in portuguese or english. Or may I mix the two language. As brazilian nature I think both english and portuguese work cool togheter.