‘Rude Copper’ by Banksy — Auction Value Infographic

This is the first in an ongoing series detailing auction results and discussing current market values of Banksy prints. As Banksy’s popularity continues to grow, we provide an in-depth analysis of the auction market.

We don’t go into a lot of detail about the history of the print, there is an abundance of information on this already. My Art Broker cover each print in great detail.

These articles will be regularly updated so please bookmark this page for future reference. …

Findings & Ruminations

I’m now into my third month of posting a daily finding or rumination. You can check out October and November. I’m going to finish off the year and then maybe reevaluate my process to make it a bit more interesting.

The Christmas break broke my streak. I’ve decided to change up my process and just post when I find something worthwhile. I’ll still split it up by month but now I can post multiple times per day if I want to! I found a lot of the time that I was finding things just to log something for the day…

Findings & Ruminations

Since 14th October I have been documenting one interesting thing I find on the internet or IRL a day. Sometimes I have to go back a day or two but I’ve managed to fill everyday. Creating a habit — even a small one like this, is a challenge for anyway and it feels good to be going into November with this.

You can read my October list here.


Website Grader

My side project site LAUNCH scored a perfect 100!


‘Shadow People’ by Dr. Dog

Just fell in love 😍with this song!

It’s from 2010. Think I know one other Dr. Dog song — will be listening…

Findings and ruminations

I’m going to try and share the most interesting thing I find each day — whether that be a poem, a new artist or just something I come across on my way to work. I plan to keep a monthly blog (updated daily) on Medium and will share the occasional daily find on Twitter. I’d love to see someone else take up this idea of a quick daily ‘favourite thing’. Let’s see what happens.


Van Susans — Crossroads (Official Video)

Ending the month off on a bang with my Brother’s new video for his single ‘Crossroads’. Fitting for Halloween 🎃.

Made it to three years in a row. 2015 was good. 2016 was okay. 2017 was not okay — been going backwards instead of forwards 📉 — time for a change.

Here is my 2017 highlights all the same.


Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Completely free to use images for both personal and commercial use.

This post has been updated and expanded from the original first published on my personal website that I have since closed down.

The startup community has pushed CC0 images to the next level. CC0 images are completely free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

CC0 — Creative Commons Zero

“The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighbouring rights, to the extent allowed by law.

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for…

This post was first published on my personal blog in January 2017. That blog is now defunct and all my posts are being moved to Medium.

I haven’t written a single blog post on my personal blog since my 2015 year in review. To some extent this sums up 2016 for me. In terms of achievements, ’16 was not as good ’15. ’16 ended up being about maintaining momentum rather than increasing it — I hope to change that for 2017.

Highlights of 2016

  • Boat party on the Thames
  • Designed a gigantic 7 x 2m background for my companies stand at the London…

This post was first published on my personal blog in January 2016. That blog is now defunct and all my posts are being moved to Medium.

At the end of 2014 / start of 2015, I had no plans (not even a thought) to write my year in review. 2015 has taught me to be more honest with myself, to journal even the most mundane of days, be nicer to the world and to always strive for self-improvement.

I’ve learnt to do things for me (like this review), rather than to attempt to get instant recognition for my ideas and…

At Grandad’s wake yesterday afternoon (28th August 2015), several people asked me to post the speech I gave at the funeral online.

It’s written as I intended to deliver it.


Do you know what the two worst words you can use are? My Grandad taught me many years ago never to say ‘I know’. ‘I know’ means you know everything, ‘I know’ means you don’t want to learn.

My Grandad would stop telling me a story if I said ‘I know’, he would say ‘what do you know’? I quickly learnt to shut up and listen… and learn. Even if…

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