“Greedy” developers
Ricardo Corin

Hi, it’s Xan. I just read this for the first time.

Wow. I can’t say I’m surprised regarding users wanting things for free. We live, sadly, in an era of entitlement (“the Internet and everything on it should be free”). It disturbs me to no end.

All you can do is what you’re doing. Try different plans and hope that people see the value. I really hope they do, because your offerings are top notch.

I think I used SuperPhoto for free for maybe a week before buying it because… I loved it. And I will remain subscribed to the Android and PC version of Painnt for the foreseeable future.

Just a thought for Painnt — free for a limited selection of filters, $X for all filters, and $X + $Y for all filters plus the ability to make your own styles. Obviously the annual fee makes complete sense as you are an incredibly tireless team. Have you also considered an additional donation button too?

It’s a tough go, I totally understand. People are quick to criticize and be negative. Always consider the source. Those who won’t subscribe or donate really have no voice to criticize… or they shouldn’t.

I am certain you also have a group of very dedicated followers. I see them every day as we share our creations.

Thank you… very much. Your talent is such a help to many of us.


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