I’m a Trend-Setter

Only dead fish go with the flow -Code Black Life

I’ve always been a trend-setter without trying. People around me just seem to like my style and want to own that look too. If I wear pearls one week the next thing I know everyone is wearing pearls. If I always wear a sweater and a blouse everyone wears a sweater and blouse. It’s never bothered me. I find it flattering.

This is especially true when it comes to shoes. (Thanks mom lol). I have and always will love 6 inch heels. They make me feel confident, beautiful and like an Amazonian. (And it’s great for going out. You can deter a lot of men when wearing high heels. Lol)

Anyway, I was notorious for wearing heels in school. It was my thing, and when it came to wearing high heels, my style wasn’t usually replicated because 1) the other girls couldn’t walk in heels, 2) they would take them off halfway thru the day because their feet hurt, or 3) they weren’t allowed to wear six inch heels to school.

I remember one particular instance when I was in middle school. I had worn my favorite black high heel boots to school. (May you rest in peace skin tight, soft leather, round toe boots!). It was fall and perfect weather for them. No one really said anything to me about them. I didn’t even know it was a hit until the next week. Suddenly every single girl in school was wearing knee high black boots. That’s when I knew people were watching me and that they liked my style.

I do what’s best for my body and my look. I don’t compromise for others or the latest “hot” look. I always ask myself…… “In 20 years am I going to look back on this like MC Hammer’s pants?” and that saves me a lot of trouble.

That’s why I adore JCrew. It’s timeless. I could wear the same sweater in 20 years and guess what? It’d looked just as good!

So, no I don’t follow trends because they’re here and then they’re gone. I’m a classy lady. So I’ll stick to the classic looks of JCrew.

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