Progress Makes the Heart Grow Fonder (In my opinion…)

Nobody can do it for you. You have to do it yourself. -Anonymous

It’s “Weigh in Wednesday”. Guess what? I lost one 1/2 inch around my belly!!! YAY!!! I’m very very proud of myself! I ate all my healthy foods and didn’t give in to any bad ones. And even worked out this week. I also got a new pair of jeans from J.Crew and they fit perfectly! They are a size 30.

My waist size (which I measure around my bottom) is still 39 1/2 inches. My belly size (which I measure with my belly button as the furthest point) is NOW 33 1/2 inches.

My goal size is a 0/2.

Hope you’ll check in next…”WEIGH IN WEDNESDAY!!”

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