Being the Youngest

I am the youngest. In my family I am the youngest of two. In the extended family (that my family still talks to) I am the youngest overall. I’m also 99.9% sure that I am the youngest in my grade in school. See what I’m saying, I’ve always been the “baby”.

It’s normal being the youngest in your main family, but it’s weird being sixteen and going to your aunt’s house for the holidays and still being the youngest person there. They used to treat me as the baby, of course, but now they kind of treat me as a normal person. Let me stress the kind of. They’re still a little clueless on how to treat me like a teenager, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now, let me give you a little background information. Many people from the class of 2018 were born in like 1999-ish, yes, there is quite the handful of 2000s babies, but they were born in mostly the first half of 2000. A few were born later in the year but after a certain date in about the middle of October many parents decided that “No, my child will just join next school year”. Not my parents though. I was born in the way later half of October the twenty fifth to be exact. Almost a November baby! It was in sixth grade when I finally discovered that I was the youngest in my class and that was weird because I never really thought about it until my friend pointed it out.

It’s weird being the youngest in your class, though. When people find out you’re a thirteen year old freshmen they look at you weird. When everyone turns sixteen their sophomore year and you’re just waiting for your turn to turn sixteen your Junior year, you start to feel left out. The surprised expressions of, for example, “You’re only thirteen years old and you’re a Freshman! Wow!” Yes, thank you for stating the obvious. The obvious oddity of the girl who is a sixteen year old senior.

The being younger thing at school all started because instead of going to preschool at the age of four my parents decided that I should get tested into kindergarten instead. So, I, of course, passed the test, which, of what I can remember, consisted mostly of me telling when my birthday was and naming pictures of animals that the man showed me. I don’t know how I could have ever passed the test (honestly I wish all tests were like that one).

Honestly, being younger doesn’t really bother me that much. I mean I’m a little sad that most kids got that extra year or two of staying home and enjoying child hood, when I was forced to go.

I don’t feel younger than my friends or classmates anymore. When I was younger my brother always loved to remind me of it, but now that we’re older I don’t really care about it anymore until someone points it out, of course. It is weird being the youngest and everyone will think of you as cuter and more innocent because you are the youngest, for some reason, but I guess that’s okay. I mean, after I graduate I will hopefully no longer be the youngest, but I suppose until then I’ve accepted it.

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