Thankful for Friends giving

All of my Thanksgivings are friends givings, I suppose. Let me start off by saying my family isn’t the typical family. We don’t really talk to or visit much of our family and when we do it’s normally just for Christmas or Easter or even the occasional Birthday. Thanksgiving is not one of those visiting days. So, instead we kind of change it into friends giving.

I know I shouldn’t say this, but I’m kind of Thankful that there isn’t ever really a lot of my family at our Thanksgiving. Not because I hate my extended family but, because it makes it easier for my family to invite family friends over. Let me tell you why though. My family isn’t the biggest fan of my extended family. They can have quite um… large opinions on important topics (let’s say the election, for example) and they won’t stop talking to you about it until you agree with them. It’s quite an interesting, but annoying experience and my family doesn’t feel like putting our friends into that mess. They also bring questionable food items, like one year my aunt made a pumpkin pie, but instead of adding nutmeg she added poultry seasoning because she didn’t have her glasses on. Lets just say I’m surprised I ever even looked at pumpkin pie again. So, to cut back on unfortunate food disasters we just avoid inviting certain people (I’m looking at you Aunt Jeana) to Thanksgiving.

Now that you know the background information let me tell you why I’m thankful.

Without my family’s invitation to the random family friend that didn’t have any Thanksgiving plans, then that person would be forced to spend Thanksgiving alone and that’s not fun on Thanksgiving. One boy, my brothers friend, comes over because his mom is a nurse and works on Thanksgiving. Another one of his friends shares the same fate and also joins us, sometimes. An older individual, a friend of my dads, joins us because all of his family is down in Kentucky and he can’t make it out there every year to them. Another man, also my dad’s friend, is having trouble with his family and wasn’t invited to join them, so my dad invited him to ours.

I’m thankful that my family could invite all of these people to give them good Thanksgivings. I guess that also makes me a little Thankful that my family doesn’t really talk to the rest of my family.

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