The Science Babe is Neither Scientist Nor Babe: She’s Bullshit

SciBabe is an excellent science communicator and and great at exposing fear mongers. Your article though… I tried to read past the racist comment (Indian Uber driver? Really? Or did you mean something else, like that forensic science is easy? Hmm still kinda ignorant sounding…) and your use of adverse reactions table — kinda amature and you might want to reconsider using it… so chiros are responsible for 3% of adverse reactions? But there are only like 60,000 of you… there are like 3,000,000 nurses and they are responsible for only 9% of all adverse events? Are you SURE YOU want to use that chart.. I’m not sure how much math you do in chiro college so I’ll let you figure that out. Also passing out pamphlets for useless services, or same service as physical therapist near hospitals passing out info on preventative medicine ppl need — doesn’t make you a doctor. Almost forgot — great pharma charts — but a solution to over use of medication is not more chiro nonsense. But good try trying to discredit an awesome science communicator — maybe next time proof read your stuff? Make sure numbers work and support your stuff…