A chronically ill mother!

I would like to talk a little about my favorite person and best friend also known as my Mom.Now many of you do or don’t know my mom’s been sick since she was eleven. Let’s go back in time a little! Now it’s my 4th grade year. little did I know or My family know that my grandmother was going to have aneurysm. Now for you who are clueless a aneurysm is where blood vessel blows in the brain.

Which causes brain damage or even death. many die from it in my case God blessed me with a grandmother who had brain damage who impacted me.Now for you who don’t know my past. Lets fast forward some! Well My grandmother lived 3 more years.” Praise God!” My mother took care of my grandmother for those years.

Through those years I saw many things.Went to many therapy sessions,hospitals, and doctors appointments, and nursing homes.My mother ended killing her immune system in the process.She won’t have changed a thing in time and neither would I. Lets fast forward some more! Later on my mother ended up get RSV from a baby she was around and then pneumonia.

That took Her down.Her immune system had already been low that just finished her. She became even more ill. Later on she became so sick she was unable to take care of my grandmother for the last months of her life.Mom over time declined more. Now lets come up to date! My mother is now on three liters of oxygen. she is on almost 2 pages of medicine or more maybe.She’s unable to walk long distances.

She’s unable to go without oxygen tanks.Some days are good days and some days are bad.My mother looks at everyday as a blessing.Which she’s 100% right about that we all should look at life like that. You never know how you’ll impact someones life.I have been blessed to be her daughter! She has taught me so much through her illness and faith.

As her daughter in my eyes. I have learned people will talk because they don’t understand. Many have talked and told false so let me answer your questions. Is my mother really that sick? Yes she is doctors don’t just give anyone oxygen or medicine. She has asthma why can’t she just puff a inhaler? Because her asthma is more chronic then just taking a inhaler. She looks good she can’t be sick? well for you that think this you can’t judge the outside because the inside says another thing.

I saw her out the other day if she’s so sick why doesn’t she stay in the house? Because you can’t tell me one of you wouldn’t want to get out of the house. who just wants to sit there and die? Can my mother make you sick? No but you sure can make her sick to the point she has to go to the hospital barely breathing.Also here’s another question what does sick look like?

Can any of you tell me this? If not I don’t want to hear another word questioning how sick my mother is because truth is she’s very sick and she’s going to live.Not just sit in a bed and die. She has Hope and Faith that God has a plan.Which he does indeed have a plan and his plan Is always good and right.

God is good and has plans which have shown me many things from people who are judgmental from strangers to people you love and trust in this life.So I pray to God and this changes your hearts and minds.God bless all of you! I love y’all! You all are in thoughts and prayers always no matter who you are.



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