60 Companies That Let You Work Anywhere

June 2016 marks my five year anniversary as a remote worker!

I’ve enjoyed all the perks, and now I’m on a quest to grow and continue working as a digital nomad, which doesn’t just mean working outside of the four walls of a cubicle, but traveling as I work!

Enter: The Remote Work Lists!

A month ago I was delighted to find the post 200 Startups Hiring Remotely in 2016 by Remotive.io and their list of startups hiring remotely.

But 15 minutes into the list I was bummed to discover that most of the companies weren’t hiring remotely at all. Instead most opportunities fit one of two criteria:

  1. In-house work at a company with multiple offices around the world
  2. Remote work as long as you stay within the borders of a certain country

I discovered 120+ Companies that Will Let You Work Remotely From Anywhere. Same story as the first list.

So, what is 100% Remote?

It means that whether you’re an administrative assistant, a developer or VP you can work wherever you want.

You aren’t “required” or “preferred” to work in an office, but you may be invited to an annual team meetup in Estonia or Costa Rica :).

In short, the company you are working for may have an office and some people may work in it, but you don’t have to!

50+ Companies with Distributed Teams that Allow You To Work ANYWHERE

With this criteria in mind, my list dwindled to ~50 companies. While 50 isn’t as sexy as 120 or 200, it’s honest, and here you’ll find a list of companies that truly will let you work remotely from anywhere, regardless of your position. There’s jobs for writers, programmers, administrative assistants and even accountants!

Here you go:

  1. AgentFire
  2. Ameego
  3. Ascendo
  4. Auth0
  5. Authentic F & F
  6. Automattic
  7. Baremetrics
  8. Basecamp
  9. Basho
  10. Buffer
  11. Ciao Bambino
  12. Clevertech
  13. Collage.com
  14. Continu
  15. CRO Metrics
  16. Doist
  17. DuckDuckGo
  18. ElevenYellow
  19. Empire Flippers
  20. Eyeo
  21. FireEngineRed
  22. Frontastic
  23. Ghost
  24. Gitlab
  25. GMBFit
  26. GrooveHQ
  27. HelpScout
  28. HoneyBadger
  29. Hubstaff
  30. Incsub
  31. Inpsyde GmbH
  32. Institute for Nonprofit News
  33. InvisionApp
  34. Jackson River
  35. Konsus
  36. LaunchPotato
  37. Lullabot
  38. MCFTech
  39. MeetEdgar
  40. Mokriya
  41. Mosalingua
  42. Nectafy
  43. Nightwatch
  44. Niteoweb
  45. NodeSource
  46. Olark
  47. OnTheGoSystems
  48. Owsy
  49. Particular
  50. Patients Know Best
  51. ScrapingHub
  52. ShakaCode
  53. Shield Geo
  54. SimpleTexting
  55. TaxJar
  56. Teleport
  57. Toggl
  58. Toptal
  59. Tortuga Backpacks
  60. User Interviews
  61. VidaLingua
  62. Water Lily Pond
  63. X-Team
  64. You Need a Budget
  65. Zapier
  66. 10up

BONUS: WeWorkRemotely.com (technically this is Basecamp, but they post ONLY 100% remote jobs from companies all over the world on this website)

If you want to add a company, or alternatively, if I included a company that is not 100% remote, please get in touch and I’ll update it!

Happy working around the world, Digital Nomads!

UPDATE: Thank you for the positive response to this article! You may also want to check out How to Get Your First Remote Customer Service Job!