How to Get Your First Remote Customer Service Job

If you’re looking for a remote customer service job, now is the time to apply! I’ve seen no less than 20 new CSR positions in the past month. Whether you’re a recent grad looking for your first job or an aspiring digital nomad hoping to break free from a cubicle, I hope these tried and true lessons I’ve used to get remote jobs will help you.

  1. Answer the question, “Why THIS company?”— 9/10 times I get a response if I demonstrate that I “got to know” the company. It could be mentioning a product feature or something about their philosophy (check “About Us” or “Careers” pages) that resonates with me. There are a ton of customer service jobs, show why you want this one!

2. Use their product — Early on I made the huge mistake of applying to a startup without using their product. Most products have a free trial or limited version out there. If you want to work in customer service, make sure you know the product and understand it well enough to explain it to someone else.

If 1 and 2 are problematic, the company may not be a good fit. While you need income in the short term, it’s much better in the long-term to focus your energy on an employer that fits with your personal goals and interests.

3. Prove you have the skills — Some companies ask candidates to answer a list of fake questions in the interview stage. Stay ahead of the game by sending your own list of questions and answers to show off your excellent customer service skills with your initial application. You can even create a free tutorial video with Screencastify to show off your knack for explaining complex processes in simple terms.

4. Translate your experience — Even if you’ve never had the title “Customer Service Representative” you can translate skills and experience from past jobs. Make a list of all your tasks from previous jobs (including volunteer roles) and check it against the job description. You may be surprised at just how much experience you have.

5. Don’t be afraid to reach out — Think of the startups and companies you love and reach out to them even if they haven’t posted a Customer Service position. In more than one case, the company I contacted was planning to hire, but I caught them before they had a chance to post the position.

If you’re still not getting responses…If you’ve done all of the above and still haven’t got an interview, have someone take a look at your cover letter and resume. It could be that you’re not presenting your awesome self in all of its glory.

If you’re getting interviews, but not the job…Practice mock-interviewing with a friend or career coach. Interviewing online is hard at first, and it took me a while to get the hang of it. Remember to smile and be energetic.

What are your tips for getting your first remote customer service job? Please share below. And if you have questions or advice I am always happy to check out your cover letter and resume or help you practice interviewing!

Happy virtual hunting!