Here every child can be whoever they want to be! A little bit about KidZania.

It was not customary to allow children to have their point of view in the society in the days of my childhood. Children had to obey before. Why this is so?

I want to tell you about a great place for kids. I found out a couple years ago, so, now I’m confident that I will bring my child, as well as in theatres, museums and other cultural places.

The state will take care of you ( in Soviet times)

principle 1. Soviet children grew up with a strong belief that their life will determine the state: provide education, occupation, place of work, provide housing and medical care. Of course, all free of charge.

Everyone builds his own life (in our times)

principle 1. The state defines the basic rights and freedoms of the citizen. You can rely only 
on yourself.

It is necessary to educate children strictly (in Soviet times)

principle 2. Not to spoil your child, to give him the extra will to cross the “subversive” initiative.

Rigor in education was replaced by attempts to speak and to persuade children (in our times)

principle 2. And it’s really a new problem in an upbringing. From the first years of life toddlers moms “attached” to them with no time for himself and his career. Children are were not independent.

The post-Soviet era have carried their complexity in an upbringing. The state was still interested in the demographics, and it encouraged citizens whose children are born by promise they have a getting housing. but there was a feeling sometimes that the parents did not know what to do with their kids further. It was terrible at times.

I was not going to become a psychologist. But I was concerned always about the education of children. I read books on psychology in my schooltime. And it seemed to me that something there is not enough. I really wanted to make the kids happy. And I thought then: “It would be great if the kids had their real world, their city where they could feel free in decision-making, confidence and unleash their creative potential”. I imagined how it should look, but I was scared of an expense of the realization. I didn’t have the financial ability, but now realized my idea by other people. And I’m very happy, that I can take advantage of this, just buying an entrance ticket.

Fortunately, everything was changed. The latest on what people are saving their money- it is their children. Therefore, entertainment centers always have a lot of visitors. But not all entertainment events help to parents to educate their children.

Entertaining and educational

KidZania- is assistant in the upbringing and education of children. And now I’ll tell you how it works.

Entertaining and educational

The country has its own history, national symbols, and a declaration of independence.

“Kai” in KidZanian stands for “hi”. Yes, KidZanians have their own language!
All parks feature monuments dedicated to major historic events. And, of course, the world of KidZania would not be the same without the Keepers, who represent children’s rights.
The world of KidZania is realistic and well-developed.

The first salary will likely not be enough to cover everything at once — children

There are around 90 professions at each park children can try.

It is important that children not only master new professions, but also get their first financial literacy lessons.

The official currency of KidZania is KidZo. When children earn their first KidZos, they decide what to do with the money: open a saving account, pay for a driving lesson, or, for instance, spend everything at the toy store.
KidZania is designed for children 
from 4 to 14 years old.

Role play, communication and relationships. The confidence, the manifestation of their abilities and enhancing skills. Joyful emotions, the ability to choose their class and allocate their time. This is what we need for the upbringing of children in modern society. And all this without the help of parents. Parents can watch for their children and admire, finding in them unexpected the ability of children to be independent and compassionate for others.

A little city for the real heroes

KidZania is not like other entertainment parks. Here we do not indulge in children’s whims — instead we offer them useful knowledge, experieces and a chance to be independent.
KidZanians will receive a personalized paZZport with individual data and picture. They will obtain a hologram sticker for every KidZania City visited.
KidZania has its own currency: paper bank notes called ”kidZos“. CitiZens of the City and its tourists use this money or debit cards to purchase goods and services at KidZania locations.
KidZanian firefighters wear real helmets — only a bit smaller than adults’ ones.
All instruments at our music studio are real. Start a rock band and record an awesome song together!


Security bracelets ensure that a child will not leave KidZania without adults. The child’s bracelet is linked to the parent’s bracelet, so that parents always know where their children are. Our experienced Zupervisors ensure that children follow safety rules. All employees at KidZania have completed special trainings covering the basics of child psychology. 
We strive to ensure that children with special needs become a part of KidZania’s society.


KidZania is an inclusive environment, where every child is welcome to play and communicate with others. The park is entirely accessible for people with mobility impairment. Apart from that, the Naked Heart Foundation has developed a special course for our employees to teach them how to interact with children with disabilities.
I think what KidZania is part of what makes our world a better place. And I like it.

Thank you for your attention