Step-by-step tutorial about configuring authorization with Microsoft in your React application with NPM package.

Create a Microsoft app

  1. Go to

Connect with React app

Project initialization is skipped because you should already complete it, and here…

Not so long ago I’ve read a really good story about how Google Chrome almost completely monopolized the browser market. For me, it looked slightly one-sided and praising. To restore balance and harmony in the universe, I would like to talk about the main problems and unpleasant moments in the history of the formation of the browser from “don’t be evil” corp.


This article will cover the following list of topics:

  • Privacy Issues

Design and appearance issues are not included in the article, because it is rather difficult to evaluate UI/UX objectively, and for someone, it can be like a novelty and revolution, others will…

Alexandr Tovmach

I’m web developer & designer and sometimes I like to write articles.

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