Leaving my heart behind

And the story about the woman in blue

My heart is flooded with these strong emotions that I do not know how to best describe in words. But I can use words to tell you the story, as it is now.

How it all began

I usually wake up around 6am and by 8:30am I’m in the office. Around 10am I take a break to smoke. Two weeks ago I was having this usual day. Except outside it was a really hot day.

Around 10am a cab pulled over and she got out. She was wearing a blue dress which fitted her beautifuly.

The first thing she did was to set her dress straight, pushed her glasses on her nose and arranged her hair. She was so beautiful in every gesture and in how she looked. I was left in complete awe!

She’s a new hire in the company I work for so she came to visit the office and meet some people.

I was nervous when we shook hands and later I found out she was nervous too.

We had small interactions for two days, but each time I was in the same room with her everything about life made sense. It felt so beatifuly easy when I was next to her. It felt like I known her for a long time and that we belonged together, side by side.

It did not matter what we were discussing about but every time she was speaking I was being touched by her words.

After those 2 days she went back to her city. To her home. I was not entirely aware, but I was missing her already. Fortunately the night of her flight back she wrote to me and we connected remotely. And since then we kept talking and seeing each other online.

We talked work, we talked life, we talked relationships and family. Everything came so naturally in our discussions. Nothing was spoken too soon or too late.

And every time we stopped interacting I was feeling like something is missing.

The current state

We spent the last 4 days together. And it was perfect (she hates this word, but I think it best describes our time together). Not perfect with all the idealism that comes with the word, but perfect in the way life makes small moments feel awesome.

I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight back home. But home does not feel like home anymore. Because she will not be there.

I do not know how tomorrow will feel like. But I know that tonight I left my heart behind.

What the future holds

I know exactly what me and my heart desire. But life is life. And I honestly do not know how it will happen.

Ps: I love you

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