The Best Alternatives to PowerPoint

We have all been there. Stuck inside a room witnessing our brain cells being tortured with hideous slides jam-packed with bullet points after bullet points. It is an ordeal to live through. Therefore when the time comes for you to present, you work hard on giving your audience a better experience.

But what is the alternative? Well most people would recommend using Prezi for example, but in my book that is like replacing an old hammer with a slightly cooler and shinier one. If we look for the solution in technology, we will end up in the same vicious circle. People are sick of looking at screens, they want to engage with the thoughts and feelings of the speaker, they want authentic connection and simple ideas that they can easily remember.

So, when you will be preparing for your next presentation, leave your computer aside and focus on using at least one of these 2 alternatives: Storytelling and Drawing.

The reason PowerPoint based presentations tend to suck has little to do with the technology, but the quality of the content itself. What most presentations lack is a central story. While many people cringe at the thought of sharing a story in a business setting, it is the most effective way to reach any type of audience.

Not only that, stories are much more likely to be remember and be passed on due to their intuitive nature and structure. We are Storytelling animals, we enjoy stories and we pay big money for them. Just take a look at the film, book and media broadcasting industries. They all sell stories and we buy them on and on.

A good story at the heart of your presentation will make your content relatable, inspiring and easy to integrate with already acquired information.

Once you create a good story, if you want to change the method for visually communicating your ideas, then I highly recommend drawing. You might be thinking: “Ok, this is getting a bit too childish for my taste. First storytelling and now drawing? I’m not presenting for a group of 5-year olds!!!”

Don’t worry, I completely understand where you come from. You don’t want to make a fool out of yourself in front of the audience and neither would I. Sadly, the reasons we might be scared of trying these methods of delivery are not because of their inefficiency. Actually the combination of these two methods are bound to make your presentation a huge success.

We are scared of them because instead of focusing on what the audience actually needs and enjoys, we are focusing on our image and on what other people might think of us and that is a dangerous game to play when presenting.

Your goal when presenting is not to make people like you, rather to teach, inspire and persuade your audience.

Using drawing on a few flipchart papers or on a whiteboard will add more context to your idea and will simplify it for your audience. Once they have the visual idea of your presentation, they can easily integrate it and process it, therefore raising your chances of the presentation being remembered, applied and passed on.

Now, let’s say that you are on board with using drawings in presentations. You have seen it at work already and you know its impact and value, just that you think that you are not good at drawing and you lack the talent. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Drawing is very easy to learn once you understand that every complex drawing is just combination of lines, shapes and symbols. Once you manage to see drawing through this lens, it’s all a matter of practice and in no time you will be ready to transform any boring or complex presentation into a fun and creative experience for your audience.

And it has never been so easy to learn these skills as it is today. You don’t have to search for live trainings for these skills, you can develop them and learn at your own pace with the help of online courses. Not only can you start learning right away and at your own pace, they are way more affordable than going to a live training.

This is why I highly recommend these 2 online courses at the end of which you will be able to deliver presentations with inspiring stories and backed up by very creative visuals. And all that for just 20$!

Sign up for the courses through the links below!

Storytelling for Public Speaking —

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If by any chance you find that they do not deliver on their promise, you can ask for your money back in 30 days with no hard feelings. In the end my goal is for you to learn and make your presentations a wonderful experience for your audience.

All the best,