My top 5 favorite cafés to work from in NYC

So I just past the last week working remotely in New York City. I thought that finding a place not too crowded with good wifi would be an hassle, but god no! NYC has plenty of great coffee shops (of course), but most of them are great to spend some time working there.

I spent only a few days in NYC, so I’m pretty sure I missed some amazing spots, but here is a list of my favorite.


Multiple locations, same great coffee and food. At some locations, there are no power outlets, so consider going there with a full battery on your laptop just in case. Swedish food, Swedish look and Swedish name!


This cafe/bar on 2nd Avenue is the perfect mix between work and play. During the day, a lot of people go there to work with their laptop, but after 5pm and on weekends, the wifi shuts down and a more «bar» ambiance is set.

3. Gotham Cafe

Nice little coffee shop with multiple locations! I tried the one nearTime Square and I really enjoyed it. The food menu is delicious too. Easy access to power outlet (120V and USB!), plenty of tables… Perfect spot to do some work.

2. Cafe Jax

A gem in the Upper East Side! When you enter, it may look like a tiny cozy cafe, but downstairs, there is a big room with plenty of tables, power outlet and a nice little terrasse. Its vintage style and quiet ambiance are perfect for working without interruption.

1. Greecologie

I’m not sure what I liked the most about this place… The stunning milkshakes made with greek yogurt? The hidden backyard terrasse right in Little Italy? The clean, minimalist decoration?

I spent an entire afternoon there, working in the sun in the quiet backyard. I was even able to make a few phone calls!

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