Debt is a Choice: How this Millennial Managed to Graduate Debt-Free and own two Rental Properties…
M Siregar

I’m not going to assume this to be satirical, because it doesn’t seem intentionally funny… What is [painfully] funny, is claiming to have made it on your own by beginning life with a $40 a week allowance, which your Nanny then helped you invest in candy, which you illegally redistributed at school. I was born into middle class, so i’m not trying to condemn your enthusiasm, just your narcissistic claims of ‘success’. You seem to have a safety net of a family (whom paid your college loans? to an Ivy League?) so you can risk these business schemes, chances, and financial hits — because you have that privilege. To take all the credit for your boring, uncreative success is absurd and frankly, delusional. This isn’t funny, it’s deeply disappointing; I exit disillusioned.

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