A Life of Purpose

In this TED talk, Pastor Rick Warren explains to his audience the difference between existing and living. Existing simply means to live a life of routine unhappily, but when you live, you live with adventure and excitement.

As a pastor, Rick states that no human being is a mistake. Whether or not you were planned by your parents, there is no such thing as a child being a mistake. According to Warren, every human is a gift from God and is a gift to the world.

Throughout the video, Pastor Warren teaches you how to live a happy and humble life. Multiple times, he says that money doesn’t buy happiness. If money could, then all of the celebrities would be happy, and most of them aren’t.

This public speaker quickly grasped my attention. The way he speaks is from both point of views; a religious point of view and a non religious one.

If you want to live a happy life, this video does give some excellent points on how to achieve that.


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