How I Learn Best!

As a student, I am always discovering new ways to help me learn best. As time goes on, my learning skills improve. So here are some of the best ways/reasons that help me enjoy learning!

1. Self-Learning

It is safe to say learning is always enjoyable when you discover what it is that you love. Find what it is that makes you glad to be alive, and something that makes you question more and more, and overall something that never bores you no matter what. Once you find what makes you happy, it no longer becomes a class or work; it is simply you living up to your hopes and dreams. It really isn’t considered “work” when you do something you are genuinely passionate about. Find the things that make you very very happy, and then find a way to make that your job. When you learn more about the world and the variety of subjects, you grow a deeper appreciation for all things around you, all while discovering more about who you are and what it is you would like to contribute to this world.

2. Horizontal Structures

Group work can either be a hit or miss. There is basically no in between. You will get matched up with people who will either: a.) leave all the work on you while contributing nothing at all or b.) have partners who are equally involved in it. If you are lucky, hopefully you get ‘b’. I enjoy group work when everyone puts their heads together and say their awesome ideas that make me think, “WOW! How did I not think of that?!” When collaborating with others, I believe that we all learn from one another, and when we can combine our skills, we can create something amazing. I just don’t like it when members hold back. Give it all you got, and do not be afraid of contributing!

4. A De-Centered Pedagogy

In my high school, I was taught to not use wikipedia because the information on it is ‘wrong’ since all of it is written by people. I believe I was taught wrong. Now, I think that wikipedia just might be the coolest thing ever. Seriously! How great is it to know that human beings from around the world really do care about EVERY LITTLE THING and help contribute their knowledge to educate the rest?! That is amazing. I trust in wikipedia, especially since it lists all of the sources.

5. Networked Learning

Being in a classroom filled with people has improved my social skills in serval ways. For the most part, I don’t like speaking allowed in front of a handful of people. (And when I say handful, I mean more than 5 people at a time.) By being enrolled in different classes in college, I have learned that my opinion does matter and that it should be heard. Not only that, but I can learn something off of what others say. Just by discussing things in class allows me to see things through a new perspective.

8. Lifelong Learning

I’m sure that we have all taken classes that we have dreaded and didn’t care about at all. During my first year of college, I found myself sitting in classrooms thinking, “what am I doing here? This is something I don’t even care about.” As the semester continued, I simply gave up more and more. I didn’t bother with the readings; not because it was too much or too difficult, but because not a single cell in my body had an interest for what it was. On the other hand, I took classes that changed my life completely. I learned things that I never knew were possible. And no, I am not talking about math equations or what Homer said in the Odyssey, but more of who I am and what I love most in life. These classes changed me forever. I now try to avoid classes that have only one solution (e.g. math, physics, chemistry, etc.) because what is there to discover? I want to be challenged to create something new that I can carry along with me for the rest of my being.

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