Save the animals!

I want to teach the class about something that is not only informative, but something I am genuinely passionate about. There are plenty of things that I love, but not much compares to my love for animals.

Through out my lesson plan, I will be informing the class about while animals are endangered or in captivity, and what we can do to help put an end to this.

I will also bring up a discussion topic on how the students feel about zoos/aquariums/Sea World and see what opinions every one has on this issue. I would like to see if the class thinks if whether or not going to these attractions are educational or “necessary” for humans to go to.

Besides having a large group discussion, I would like to show the class some clips from the very well-known documentary, Blackfish in hopes of raising more awareness on the issue of whale captivity at Sea World. These killer whales should be swimming free in the ocean rather than having to learn new tricks in order to get food, and having to put on a show because it has no other choice than to do so. I do not believe that this is an appropriate thing for anyone to do to any animal. I believe that this film will raise more awareness to the class and I can’t wait to hear all about their thoughts and opinions on this topic!