Video Game

I know I might sound like a total grandma, but WORDS. WITH. FRIENDS. Do not get me started on my LOVE (or obsession) with that game. I have always been into word games and things like that, so playing it always makes me happy. Right now, I think I am in the middle of about eighteen games. Yes. EIGHTEEN. I have gotten so good at it, that I even impress myself.

Another thing, I am totally obsessed with is Wheel of Fortune. Whether I am watching it on TV or playing it on my phone, I am there and ready to solve whatever the puzzle is. Again, I am a total grandma, I know.

I feel relaxed and happy when I play either of these 2 word games. When I’m bored or need a break from life or school, I just pick up my phone and play these games. When I don’t play, I get kinda sad and feel the need to start a game. It’s just something I enjoy to do in my free time.

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