This semester, I spent a lot of time on medium and wrote about various topics. In case you didn’t get the chance to read them all, here is a brief wrap-up of everything I wrote about!

How I Learn Best! 
There are so many ways to learn. I personally learn best when the subject is on something I am genuinely passionate about. Another cool way to learn is through group work. In this case, you can learn something new from your peers. Don’t be afraid to contribute when in a group! Use your resources! In today’s modern world, we have technology to rely on and to learn from. Don’t push these resources to the side. A great way to learn is through discussion. When talking in class, you grow more confidence in yourself and your opinions, all while learning from others. Overall, don’t forget to love what you learn and to challenge yourself!

How Do I Feel When Using Social Media?
Sometimes you will see me all over my phone, & other days I won’t reply to a single text. That’s just how I am. Some days I feel the need to be all over the internet and other days, I just want to be to myself. I do have to say, I feel like I don’t act like the average millennial since I don’t rely on it as much as other teenagers.

What is the Meaning of Life?
For my question, I definitely went big! For me personally, my mission here on earth is to help other people to try and make them as happy as can be. Just by being a nice person goes a long way. I believe we all have similar positive missions, but they are all different. Maybe we all ask ourselves what the meaning of life is, expecting an answer when really there isn’t one.Find your purpose. Use your gifts. Question life. Enjoy it. Maybe then you will discover what the meaning of YOUR life is.

A Life of Purpose
This post include a TED talk, which was so beautiful and inspiring. Pastor Rick Warren discusses the difference between existing and living. We all exist, but once you do something significant, then you are living. When you live, you seek excitement and adventure. No matter what it is and how we decide to live our lives, always remember to live a happy and humble life. There is no reason to live a sad life because we are all gifts from God; there is no such thing as a human being a mistake. https://www.ted.com/talks/rick_warren_on_a_life_of_purpose

Does Your Amount of Internet Usage Result in Less Productivity?
Danah Boyd’s book, It’s Complicated, is all about the ways technology effects the lives of people today. I loved reading this book because it made so many interesting and true points. Whenever I’m typing a paper, I somehow always have another tab open on netflix or shopping online. I am constantly lying to myself by saying that I am doing homework, when really, I’m not. The internet has somehow gotten VERY sneaky. People can now go incognito and go on private browsers. Technology has had a major grip on people of today.

Save the Animals!
I wanted to teach the class about something I am genuinely passionate about. I wanted to raise awareness on the topic of animals being held in captivity so that they may be used as a part of the entertainment industry. A major part is about the 2013 documentary Blackfish. This documentary is all about the orcas that have been held captive at SeaWorld. I want people to see the side effects and danger that comes along with going to see the show.

Did I Actually Last 15 Minutes Without My Phone?
YES I DID. I actually went much longer than fifteen minutes and I was very happy and pleased with myself. That weekend, my friends and I took a little trip to Big Bear. Since the reception wasn’t the greatest, I was somewhat forced to not use my phone, BUT IT WAS OKAY! I was surrounded by fresh air, blue skies, green trees, and amazing friends. Since I was so at peace with nature, I took advantage of my time there and never used my phone. And when I did use it, it was to call my mom. But that doesn't count! Haha!

Successful Learning
I get easily distracted. I spend about 90% of my day daydreaming. I don’t even know when I even do it! This gets bad when I am in class, in the middle of a lecture and when I come back to reality, I have no clue what is going on or what my professor is even talking about. I love and appreciate it when professors play videos in class. It allows me to see how things flow together and it helps me grasp a better understanding on the subject. I’m a visual learner so I love when professors take useful notes on the board. Another thing is when professors put their powerpoint slides up on moodle. This allows me more time to re-read all of the notes and it gives me more time to understand it.

Santa Claus
Growing up in a Catholic home pretty much meant that Christmas revolved around Jesus Christ rather than Santa Claus. I was okay with this because I still celebrated Christmas the way any other kid would. As a child, my parents would always put up a photo of the Coca-Cola Santa up on the wall. Since then, that is how I always imagined Santa Claus.

Lesson Plan: Animals in the Entertainment Industry
It’s a sad topic, but it needs more awareness. In today’s world, we are constantly trying to find cool things to do in our cities or when on vacation. I want people to know that SeaWorld and Circuses are not an appropriate place to go visit. By going to these, you are basically saying yes and agreeing to their use of animals in the entertainment industry. I will be showing a trailer of Blackfish and use several images on what happens to the orca whales. I also want to show how small their living spaces are and how Seaworld cares more about entertaining humans rather than helping their whales.

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