photography projects — and I’m not even a pro yet

This might sound a little ridiculous but I’m already planning my first shooting. Yes, I’m still a student who currently is stuck at children photography and other stuff… but this idea just won’t get out of my head!

I’m the type of person who gets inspired by music. A few months ago, I discovered a group (well not really a group anymore) called “Panic! At The Disco” and especially their songs “Nicotine” and “Casual Affair” gave me inspiration for a conceptual shooting. I’m already working on it and I hope I’ll be able to do it soon! Mandy, who also is a P!ATD fan, wants to be my model (the only reason why I chose her is because she smokes and I need someone who’d smoke for it, you know?).

My idea: You’re worse than nicotine.

I’m not going to reveal my plans, yet. Basically because I’m still planning it; and I don’t have enough time for that at the moment.My volunatry social year’s becoming more stressful now since my colleague is back (sigh) and I’m currently taking part at this ‘veggie-breakfast’ thing (pro: I can go home at 2:30pm on tusdays | con: I have to get up at 6am). Nevertheless, I have to keep up on my photography studies for correspondence school; and my trip to Berlin will be MY chance to prove my skills.

Ahh, so many ideas! I should write them down before I forget them…!

Why didn’t I forget my P!ATD idea?

Uhm well, I have no idea. It’s been stuck in my head for months now. I don’t even have to write it down; it’s basically THE idea I’ve ever had… and I’ve had loads of ideas so far. It’S a really good idea and I can’t wait to start working on it. I might not have the equipment for that shooting, yet I’m already saving money for it and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

What now? Back to work! Studying, annoying children, redecorating my room, and discovering new things!

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