My first Twitter chat experience with #brandchat

Brand Chat hosts a weekly Twitter chat Wednesdays at 11 a.m. eastern time to discuss branding and related issues. This week, I tuned in for my first Twitter chat.

The chat began with tweeters from all over the globe introducing themselves as they tuned in. I was surprised to see how many people actually participated in the chat and the diverse backgrounds from which they came. It also seemed as though there are many are weekly participants. I was excited to learn that so many people want to learn and grow alongside their peers regularly.

The chat was structured as such: Brand Chat asked a series of six questions that participants would answer. Brand Chat would ask the question using the reference Q1, Q2, etc., and participants would answer with A1, A2, etc., representing “Answer 1, Answer 2,” etc. In order to be seen, all tweets needed to include the #brandchat hashtag.

The questions asked in the chat I was a part of on Feb. 15 considered the issues of brand responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

I was impressed by both the quantity and quality of responses to these questions. I also really enjoyed the fact that people not only responded directly to the questions asked by Brand Chat, but also commented on others’ posts and engaged in conversation.

The nature of these conversations was uplifting, creating an encouraging and welcoming atmosphere. For example, in response to question one, I tweeted, “A2: Brands should measure the time between a person’s request/post and the brand’s response to measure their responsiveness #brandchat.” Someone commented on my post saying “@alexaromagnolo7 I agree. It shouldn’t take forever to have someone reach out. #brandchat.” This simple interaction opened my eyes to the fact that these chats act as a hub for professionals to come and learn from their peers. Whether it’s a new idea, a best-practice or a trend, professionals can come to these chats to be sharpened by those in their field.

I also liked how Brand Chat itself retweeted and replied to many of its participants. When I joined the chat, Brand Chat personally welcomed me by tweeting “@alexaromagnolo7 Hola BRANDido! #brandchat.” This made me feel welcome, heard, and like my opinion was valuable. This speaks to the impact of being a responsive brand, which was a central theme of the chat, ironically.

As the questions got harder throughout the chat, I found it increasingly difficult to participate in the discussion. I had to look up terms like “JIT marketing,” among others. In this way, I learned that chats are a great place to learn about my field — what are the biggest questions industry professionals are asking? What ideas do people/experts have on these questions?

I now know that chats are a good place to learn new terminology, discover brands and apps, establish connections with influencers in my field, and take note of the top performers to use them as inspiration.