Semi-fungible collectibles are now on OpenSea

Today, OpenSea is announcing a new type of tradable digital assets on the marketplace: ERC-1155 items. In short, these are like ERC-721 items, but they have different behavior and more flexibility, which we’ll explain below. It’s a new Ethereum token standard and a new type of dapp on OpenSea!

There’s some new fish in the sea. Featuring items from Forest Knight, Cats in Mechs, Enjin, Age of Rust, Spirit Clash, and The Six Dragons.

ERC-1155 items have been tradable on OpenSea for a while now (there are over 200,000 that you can find already), but today they get the full attention that they deserve. Let’s start with what’s new in 1155. Then we’ll explain how you can get started trading, which games are already supported…

Until now, non-fungible tokens have been missing gas-free auctions where the highest bid wins.

What’s the best way to sell crypto collectibles? Their value is based on market demand, which is hard to measure, and there’s no “Kelley Blue Book” for pricing them. So you have to put them on auction, and until now, only the seller was setting the price curve.

Now, on OpenSea, you can let buyers compete to find the best price for your item or bundle of items!

An English Auction on OpenSea. Link:

Two main types of auctions

There are two main types of auctions: “English” and “Dutch.” The paradigmatic type of auction that you see for existing crypto collectibles like CryptoKitties, Etheremon, and MyCryptoHeroes has been the Dutch Auction

What happened when we sorted our polls by how differently Trump supporters voted

We see thousands of student polls every week on Whatsgoodly covering topics from politics to dating to college life. So one day we asked ourselves an obvious political question: what happens if we sort our personality polls by how much Trump supporters differ from Clinton supporters?

Before the 2016 presidential election, we created the Winsights Library to make this task as easy as possible. We reorganized our 800,000 polls, tracking how Trump supporters and Clinton supporters differ on everything from pineapple pizza and Jurassic Park to dating and sex. Today, we checked the results. …

Notice the dip in Trump’s approval ratings the week after the immigration ban, and how it mainly came out of the share of people responding “Don’t know” to the polls.

Current millennial approval ratings, updated daily

To track and visualize Trump’s approval ratings over time, we built a public Trump Tracker, with timelines that measure millennial opinion on controversial issues since he started his campaign. Hundreds of Americans between the ages of 18 and 30 are voting every day. Check out the demographic breakdowns of his overall approval rating as it stands right now.

Each timeline includes an Analyze button for viewing demographic breakdowns on each poll, along with a table showing how different universities voted from around the country. …

Between the two candidates, Whatsgoodly’s pre-election data on millennials was 0.3 points off the 2016 election results

Exit polls match Whatsgoodly’s projection: millennials were split 60/40 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Trump’s victory embarrassed nearly every pre-election pollster. Even the British research company hired by Trump’s own campaign predicted his chances at less than 30% the day before the election.

Part of the upset was how many millennials (aged 18–29) voted for Trump when they were expected to vote in a landslide for Clinton. Compared to President Obama in 2008, she underperformed with millennials by 3 to 13 percent. SurveyMonkey even predicted that Clinton would sweep 88% of the electoral college if only millennials voted.

We at Whatsgoodly focus only on millennials. While 98% of our polls are created by users…

Alex Atallah

Co-founder of @ProjectOpenSea | previously @YCombinator, @PalantirTech, @Apple

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