Internship at Blue C Advertising

Week one

Day 1-I started my internship on Tuesday, which was my first day and also when I had the opportunity to meet everyone in the office and was able to learn more about the agency through their website and Instagram. I also worked with a team member named Juan on finding some taglines/slogans for an ad. The ad focused on the mentoring between professionals and new students that are interested in advertising. He showed me what the goal of the ad was. In other words, what the ad wanted to portray. They wanted it to be fun, creative, and bold. The tagline/slogan needed to represent the mentoring between the student and professional. Juan showed me some helpful tips on this by showing me a creative catalog for his favorite ads, which included some examples of taglines. He also showed me some slogans/taglines for ads that tech companies have used in the past and have been successful. I took some notes and wrote down words that came to mind and pieced them together. Some of my favorite slogans that I came up with included “We help you connect. For success,” “Networking Reimagined,” “Uniting for success,” “Inspiring for the future,” “Collaborating for success,” and “Bridging the gap between the aspiring and the experienced.” He provided me with some good feedback. I also met Lauren who not only gave me so much insight on her job here at Blue C, but also got me excited about the many things I will be learning about and doing here. She seems like a great mentor who is willing to help other people such as myself, and I am looking forward to learning more from her.

Day 2- I started out my day by speaking with another team member named Sam and was able to learn more about what she does. She plans out most of what happens at Blue C. She also told me about Carly, another team member next door, and showed me more about what she does, which I found extremely interesting. One of the things that Carly does is she finds talent for the projects at Blue C. For example, if there are models needed for a project, she is the one that handles this. I am looking forward to speaking more with Carly because her work sounds very interesting and fun. After that, Eric took me to go visit the printing warehouse down the street to learn more about what they do. They print anything and everything, including billboards. It was so interesting seeing their work and speaking with them. I had never seen a full-sized billboard before, so for me, seeing the billboards newly printed and on the ground changed my perspective completely. I was amazed at how capturing ads can be for products that, in my opinion, aren’t too appealing. For example, nowadays, many fast food restaurants are able to create ads that include food that looks extremely realistic and the quality is impeccable. I also saw some amazing equipment and got to speak with the photographer and ask him questions. The photographer also shoots for Disneyland and takes some amazing pictures. I also got to see a 3D printer for the first time, and I saw some pretty interesting products that were made by the employees with that printer which they made for fun.

Week 2

Day 1- Eric and I went to 800 Kamerman, a video production company that designs and produces digital and television content. They do everything in-house, and I learned so much from them about what they do. Most importantly, I learned that they owe their success to their passion for what they do. They pride themselves on how much fun they have by doing what they love, and the success has came from that. I was able to see some amazing videos they have created, including the slow motion parts of Katy Perry’s music video, This Is How We Do and their work with many other companies, such as Nike, abc, hbo, etc. I really enjoyed speaking with them, not just because of the astonishing work they do, but because of how humble and passionate they are. This inspired me to find something that I love to do, and then it will never feel like I will have worked a day in my life. I am extremely excited about more trips I will be going on to explore and learn from places like this. I am finding inspiration just by simply talking to these creative people.