You’re a Dreamer dear, become a Doer

Wasted potential is worse than Global Warming

Now this article is for everyone who has a goal in life that they have yet to start conquering. It’s for all those people who think about that dream but are too busy sleeping to have it. Life is a series of events, some good and some tragic. We experience these events through other people; we sometimes suffer through others pain because we love people that much and sometimes it’s simply our own pain and our own grief that we must allow to grow in us and then grow out. But despite the sadness and the horror of our world, there is so much good.

There are brilliant ideas that are created by brilliant minds within brilliant people. These hopes, dreams, goals and unconquered successes are pockets of potential within our universe waiting to be filled. They are open; they are seeking the owner and the creator to start occupying the space. They want the dreamers to stop dreaming. Because dreaming is for the weak. Dreaming is where time is wasted and success is hindered. Doing is for the strong. Doing is when you put your energy towards the potential of your dream. It’s okay to have the dream but stop dreaming about it.

Now if everyone in our world started pursuing what their minds have created for them, then our world would no longer be full of dreamers who are wasting potential. Pockets are there for a reason. Start filling them.

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