How to be Tori Sterling

19 year-old, Instagram famous, Tori Sterling (DeSimone), has been vlogging (video blogging) since 2012. She started out with makeup looks and tutorials but in the past few months has been focusing on diet and exercise. She now gets her workouts in looking like a red carpet goddess. Just kidding. Kind of.

Like, literally, you can follow her exact routine. Sterling uploads videos about what she eats in day, how she gets ready, how to dump your boyfriend (ha). She keeps it real by filming from the moment she wakes up until the moment she is ready for bed.

Sterling gives realistic tips on how to eat healthy, how to meal prep, and how to live your best life.

On top of vlogging, Tori has been a spin instructor for about eight months now at SoulBeat Spin Studio in Audubon, PA.

Her Instagram strays away from fitness and focuses on her makeup looks but 152K don’t mind that.

While her hair is changing all the time, her fun videos and advice stays consistent.