Announcing the “Frost Wallet”

A consumer-based wallet designed for everyday people.

Alex Badalyan
May 28, 2018 · 3 min read
The Frost Wallet

The story began 6 months ago.

at the Capital Factory in Austin, TX.

Just a few days prior, he had launched the idea for . His vision was to secure cryptocurrency payments and protect people from fraud—think VISA for the blockchain.

It was genius.

One of the biggest problems in Crypto was—and still is—security & fraud. Without a world-class team addressing this fundamental issue, global adoption would likely stagnate.

As he described his vision, I began sharing mine. Around that time, I had envisioned building an innovative wallet aimed to accelerate the adoption of Crypto—think Paypal/Venmo for the blockchain.

It was then we realized our visions could ignite together.

Without security, we couldn’t have convenience. And without convenience, the security wouldn’t be useful.

Everything clicked.

From that day forward, our amazing team set out to build one of the world’s most trusted brands in Crypto — where security and convenience was at the heart of it.

Fast forward 6 months.

As we began brainstorming our strategy for the coming years, we arrived at an important insight:

If we truly wanted to scale the adoption of Cryptocurrencies, we would inevitably have to hyper-focus on each value proposition (the security protocol & consumer wallet) individually to increase throughput.

Without doing so would cause a lot of inefficiency and brand confusion (e.g., BLUE is often mistaken as a consumer Wallet instead of a security protocol).

So starting today, we are officially announcing — a standalone consumer wallet designed for everyday people.

By focusing on this strategy, the Blue Protocol & Frost Wallet can now aggressively market each value proposition, allocate resources more efficiently, and most importantly, work in parallel to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies to the masses.

As part of this strategy, the original Blue Wallet will remain as a demo to showcase Blue’s SDK before the integration into other wallets (including the Frost Wallet).

We hope you are as excited about this as we are.

To begin the Frost journey, click the button below:

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