Explore NFTs from alternate realities

Artblocks works by minting a limited number of artworks from any of the generative algorithms it hosts, but have you ever wondered about the output that didn’t get minted? Each algorithm can technically produce an infinite number of artworks, but the Artblocks site only allows users to see the ones…

“AI” does not stand for “automatically interesting”

For the last year I’ve been building generative music systems — little programs that produce music that doesn’t end or repeat. This software-based generative music is a form of “computer music,” which is a broader term that refers to a variety of ways computers, software, and algorithms can be used…

Say you write a song, and show your friend how to play it. Your friend records himself performing it and makes $10,000 by selling the recording. Are you owed anything?

Say you build a music box which plays an original piece of music. You give this music box to your…

Screenshot from Mubert’s web player
Mubert’s web player

Generative music at scale

Mubert is a generative music streaming app available in the browser and on mobile devices. It features a collection of music streams organized by genre and the activities they’re intended to complement, like “sleep” and “work.” …

A technical explanation of Generative.fm

Generative.fm is a personal project of mine which hosts a growing collection of ambient generative music systems. Generative music neither ends nor repeats, and is created by a system. That might sound strange, but there’s a chance you have a generative music system hanging on your porch.

I’ve been building…

Digitally disintegrating music

I just published a website called Corruption Loops, which you can visit at corruptionloops.alexbainter.com. This site generates a unique, short piece of music and plays it repeatedly. As it plays, the audio data is slowly corrupted, and you can listen to the music transform into noise. Here’s how it works.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Advantages of infinitely long artworks when “content is king”

My life is made up of many obsessions. Be it an artist, YouTube channel, TV show, music, or even an animal, when I find something that interests me, I can’t stop myself from consuming as much of or about it as possible, as quickly as I can. I focus my…

Different ways to use Math.random() and its equivalents

Utilizing randomness in software isn’t something I’ve had to do for professional work, but it’s the basis of most of my creative software projects. Most notably, I make generative music hosted on Generative.fm. This involves a great deal of randomization, such as scheduling events at random times or making random…

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Why algorithms can’t replace artists (so quit freaking out)

In March of this year, music industry giant Warner Music Group signed a 20 album deal with Endel, a startup which uses its own custom software to generate music.

While some people reacted with interest, there was a noticeable tone of unease in many of the responses. I even saw…

Fulfilling the genre’s forgotten criterion

Ambient music is described on Wikipedia as “a genre of music that emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm.” The music was both popularized and named by Brian Eno beginning in the 1970’s with albums like Discreet Music and Ambient 1: Music for Airports.

Alex Bainter

A web developer creating audio/visual experiences both digital and not. Currently making generative music at Generative.fm.

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