Function, Form and Display. Men are getting it wrong.

Displayed on a 10' tall tree stump in my backyard, Seattle, WA

Over 100 years ago my family homesteaded the Skagit Valley in Washington State. Simply put, the government handed over some land in exchange for back breaking work. To build roads, bridges, homes and farms you need the right tools. The ones that are hand crafted, forged of steel and chiseled from trees as old as our great country. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these tools, mostly hanging up on walls and in cases around our home. Kids of the 21st century think these are relics, antiques that have no place in the modern world. I would have agreed with them, until a recent gift from my wife.

A few days ago my wife stumbled upon This company so happens to sell a lot of items in the most recent Pop-In Shop at Nordstrom that she visits frequently. The company is based out of New York and specializing in American made, well crafted and beautiful products — tailored to men. You will find toolboxes so shiny you can shave through the reflection. Wood Chests so intricate and expensive you may not be able to afford anything to put in them. And one of my favorite products, axes so heavy and strong they must have collaborated with Paul Bunyan.

Late Wednesday I came home to an unusual wooden crate at my front door. Not knowing if it was a body or bomb I unpacked carefully. As I lifted the top of the crate, the light off the porch lit up the orange handle that displayed “courage”.

As I proceeded to move shavings and find the rest of this axe, I knew it was something special. Holding this beast in my hand I couldn’t help but think this thing is too nice to use. How can I now own something so well crafted and let it sit in my house.

Packaged with the same quality as the goods. Not to mention hand written notes.

Best Made Co has done a great job at making these products pieces of art but I want all men to proceed with caution. Yes, you may have the temptation to take them right out of the custom crates they come in and go straight to the wall. You will only be doing a disservice to the future of men.

Like our forefathers believed these products are meant to be used, to be chipped, to be stained and scuffed. Leave behind the marks of what you accomplished. Imagine as your children walk through your tool shed or garage or barn and stumble upon these masterpieces. They will know you didnt take the easy or pretty road, but you embraced whats inside of you, you did things men do.

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