PCOS and Hyperinsulinemia
Dr. Jason Fung

Thank you Dr. Fung for this article. It is difficult to find well explained ressources on PCOS that are not peer-reviewed literature and I am glad you have been paying attention to this topic. I believe early diagnosis of PCOS in adolescence is instrumental in the prevention or the only onset of serious chronic illnesses. I am referring to the hyperinsulinemia that made weight loss far more difficult for me and diabetes a reality in my late 20s. I believe PCOS-diagnosed individuals should systematically be encouraged or even stressed a low-carb diet from a young age as a nutritional approach to prevent further metabolic complications and as a way to treat this metabolic disorder. Would you consider in another blog article discussing on the genetic predispositions of PCOS?

I have no doubt as well that intermittent fasting will become eventually one of the standardized tools PCOS individuals will have in managing their disorder by managing their insulin.