Edupreneurship as a transformative force in Africa.

By Alex Banda

Education in Africa is in a crisis state as it suffers from insufficient attention it requires to thrive. Governments across Africa are yet win the war against this challenge despite an increasing demand for quality education. Education is not viewed as a lucrative career path for most youth, hence the best brains look elsewhere for a more lucrative career.

This is all because we are still looking at an outdated model. How can a large industry like the education industry in Africa, with a huge market we can all see suffer this fate? One can only imagine how much this industry is worth; it is an untapped Goldmine.

Edupreneurship can be a huge transformative force for Africa. The potentials there in are endless and capable of putting Africa on the global map. Through Edupreneurship, we can eradicate some of the social, economic and educational vices bedeviling Africa today.
The introduction of entrepreneurship education in Nigerian universities is geared towards advancing entrepreneurial thinking and behavior to develop students awareness of the opportunities and challenges out there. A major defect in the Nigerian educational system, inclusive of the universities, is its theoretical inclination. For one instance, most Nigerian universities produce graduates who are at best only suited for white collar jobs and have little or no basic skills of any other vocational relevance. Naturally, such a situation will lead to high unemployment rate especially among university graduates (Ejere & Tende 2012). 
Africa is a continent with rich cultural diversity, natural resources and human capital that many developed nations do not have. If well utilized, Africa will soar higher and compete favorably in the international market, and Edupreneurship can be an effective force to drive such transformation.

An excerpt from the book Edupreneurship: Africa’s untapped Goldmine.

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