Top 6 Excuses for Not Going to Work for a Week

Before you call your boss to tell them you’re suffering from a severe migraine and cannot come to work today, you better think up a better excuse. Being the top excuse of employees for getting a day off work, migraine or headache will give you away in a blink of an eye. If you’re looking for a seriously perfect excuse that will give you not a day, but a whole week off work, you need a better one, one that can convince even the most-resistant-to-lies boss. We provide you with 6 absolutely convincing excuses for not going to work that can inspire the perfect story for your absence at work.

You Cannot Get Out of Bed from Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is the best and most convincing excuse you can use to take a day or few off, as it doesn’t leave any evidence behind. Unpredictable, unpleasant and certainly not a topic your boss would like to discuss. If you want to take it to the next level, visit a restaurant where you don’t usually eat, ask for the rawest meal they serve and the next day at work, pray for food poisoning symptoms.

You Have a Family Emergency

This one is a quite common excuse, but its personal nature discourages any further inquiry and makes it easy for the boss to make a decision. Your family matters more than your job and your boss will understand you. Just keep the conversation brief and concise and your boss will (probably) give you as many days off as you need.

You Have a Pet Emergency

If you live with a pet, you can take advantage of it to call out of work. Pets are a major responsibility and if your boss knows it too, you’re very likely to enjoy a day off work. You can made up any kind of pet emergency: your pet is sick, your pet ate something dangerous, your pet got stuck on the side of the bathtub, your pet is having labors, your pet bite someone… Endless possibilities.

You’ve Had Car Troubles

There’s no way to get to work if your car breaks down on the road, because you must wait for the tow truck to come and remove your car from the road. Until then, you must be there. Or, to make it more awkward for your boss to ask you questions, you can say you’ve been involved in a car accident and you’re headed to the hospital for a check-up. If your boss is suspicious and asks for car repair receipts, tell them your friend is a mechanic and fixed your car for free.

The Alarm Failed to Wake You Up

Maybe the not convincing excuse you can use to get a day off, but this one actually happens very often and it surely works. Sometimes we forget to set the alarm on, but more often it doesn’t go off and we sleep through a quality part of the day. Are you responsible for the failure of your alarm? Of course not. However, this excuse can only give you a day off work.

You Have Stomach Troubles

No one wants to know more about anyone’s stomach situation, including your boss. Your boss will be embarrassed enough to hear that you’re having stomach troubles, so further inquiry about your health issues is not very likely. If your boss is taking their time to make a decision, you can say something like: “Sorry, I got to go. The diarrhea is really killing me. I’ll call you soon.”. On this your boss will probably reply “No need. Take your time off to get better. See you soon”.