Embracing the Storm- My Resignation Letter

I resigned from ZipFit to pursue new adventures! ​Today was my last day.

At 22, I started to build a company with my team. 5 years later, I’m astonished by what we’ve accomplished. Despite the times we didn’t know if we’d make it, we’ve beaten so many odds. We landed ourselves in the 3% of female led companies that are venture backed, have a squad of talented warriors that treat our company as if it’s their own, and have helped people in the process. What we’ve built is special.

However, for the last year I felt lost. As companies scale and grow, the needs and focus shift. I found myself trying to align with our new focus. The more I tried to squeeze into a role and do what I wasn’t truly passionate about, the more disconnected I was with myself and my purpose. I was constantly exhausted because I was shifting my energy into overdrive in order to be someone else. Inside I was screaming “girl, this isn’t for you anymore!” but my ego wouldn’t let go of something that had been apart of my identity for 5 years. My ego would say, “Are you crazy? Why would you leave your own company? What would people think?” Instead of listening to myself, I silenced her and kept pushing her without direction.

Almost a month ago, I packed up what I thought I needed for 7 days and ventured out to the middle of the desert to experience Burning Man. One day, there was a crazy dust storm, one that even veteran burners said was the craziest they’d ever seen. We saw the clouds of thick brown dust approaching Black Rock City and everyone watched and stared in awe not knowing what to do. Finally, the dust swept over us. The dust was so thick that you couldn’t even see the person a few inches away. At first I was terrified because I couldn’t see. A whirlwind of thoughts rushed into my head. How long would this last? Would I fall? Is something going to hit me? Are we going to be okay? I stopped myself. Instead of trying to figure everything out in that moment, I embraced the storm. I stretched my arms out, closed my eyes, and let the dust sweep over me. When I shut off those thoughts, I could be present and realized how peaceful the storm actually was. I could hear the whirl of the dust near my ears, I could feel the cooling wind rushing between my legs and arms when it was 100 degrees just a few minutes before, and I was no longer afraid. A few moments later, the storm was over. That day, I started to learn how to let go.

Back in Chicago, I had put so much pressure on myself. Pressure to figure out the solution to what I was dealing with, that I didn’t allow myself the time and space needed to embrace the storm so I could see. You can’t have clarity without understanding. Being in the desert disconnected, gave me room to reconnect with myself, what I wanted, and my purpose.

Today was my last day at ZipFit but it will forever be apart of me. I’m sharing my resignation letter because it’s a tribute to my team and reminder to our team and anyone out there that purpose is important, both personally and for companies. Hold onto it for dear life so you don’t get lost, especially during the storms.



P.S The picture above is of me after the dust storm. As I was was finalizing my resignation letter, I had been searching for a photo to accompany this post. I stopped searching yesterday and trusted that I’d find one. My friend Emma randomly tagged me in that photo this afternoon. Funny how things work out, huh? Thanks, Emma :)